A mixed pack of 12 greetings cards featuring images by artist, illustrator and translator, Michael Smith.  FREE POSTAGE in UK.


Michael will select a random 12 cards from his work, featuring images from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, mediaeval scenes and images featuring Anglo-Saxon or Viking imagery.


Each card is printed on acid-free, recycled card to an exceptional standard. Each pack contains 5 cards, with envelopes and supplied post-free in the United Kingdom. 


All Cards Printed Blank Inside. Note, words "Mythical Britain" are a watermark for the website and will not appear on the front of your cards!



Mixed Greetings Card Selection - Pack of 12

  • Cards are supplied in a celophane wrapper for protection and then packd in a stout, card-backed envelope for extra security. Postage and Packing in the UK is free of charge; charges for mailing outside the UK are incorporated in the shopping basket.

© 2020, Michael Smith, all rights reserved

Original linocut prints, books  and greetings cards featuring a range of mediaeval themes including: the Battle of Agincourt; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; King Arthur;;Stonehenge; Viking art; Saxon art; the Sutton Hoo helmet; medieval animals; castles; medieval myths and legends; historic monuments and so much more!

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