An original linocut print featuring Hertfordshire hero Piers Shonks slaying the Worm of the Pelhams. 


In the legend, Sir Piers kills a dragon which has been worrying those lonely lands of norther Hertfordshire.  The Devil, that Lord of Darkness, furious at the loss of his servant, says he will take the knight's soul whether he is buried within church or without it.


Yet Piers is no fool. Shooting an arrow to the heavens and saying he will be buried where it falls, it lands by the north wall of Brent Pelham church.  At the end of his days,  weary of this world, he was buried within the wall of the church - where his grave is still to be seen today -  safe for eternity from the predations of the Fiend! 


This print was inspired by the expert craftsmen who made mediaeval stained glass windows, building out of coloured glass and lead an astonishing scene for congregations all over Europe. Based on a mediaeval manuscript, the image depicts our hero in the armour of c.1360.


The legend of Piers Shonks has recently been extensively examined in Hollow Places, a fasincating work by Christopher Hadley, which I have reviewed here.


One of variable edition of 5, hand printed on a Victorian Albion Press in Cambridgeshire, UK. Signed and editioned by the artist and printed on 250 gsm Somerset Velvet Paper. The printed part of the image measures approximately 6 x 6 inches (15 x 15cm).





Piers Shonks the Dragon Slayer - Original Linocut Print

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