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New Book - Publishing October 2024

The Romance of 

William and the Werewolf

(William of Palerne)

The Romance of William and the Werewolf is a medieval epic romance about two princes deprived of their inheritance.


When William as a boy is on the verge of being murdered by a jealous uncle, a Werewolf appears to snatch him away. We learn later that the Werewolf is a Spanish prince who has been converted to a wild creature by his jealous stepmother.


In revealing how William and the Werewolf overcome their troubles to reclaim their rightful inheritance, the medieval poet introduces us to a wide range of themes still familiar to us in today's unfair and unequal world. Through his story, he shows how good government, equality and justice must form the bedrock of a properly functioning and fair society.

The story, originally written in French in the twelfth century, was transcribed into Middle English in c. 1350 by a scribe working for Humphrey de Bohun, 6th Earl of Hereford and Essex. It is one of the earliest texts from the fourteenth century Alliterative Revival.

As with my other works, The Romance of William and the Werewolf is richly illustrated with specially-created linocut prints and contains a detailed historical introduction as well as appendices on the role of the narrator and elements of the text from the original Old French source.

Summary of Contents:

Historical Introduction

A Summary of the Romance

A Note on the Translation

The translation of William and the Werewolf



Some Further Reading

About the publisher

Unbound is a crowdfunding publisher, with authors including the BBC presenter Jonathan Meades, the film director Mike Hodges (Get Carter, Flash Gordon) and the Sunday Times best-selling author, Tom Cox, amongst many others.

The Romance of William and the Werewolf Book

Above -  The Romance of William and the Werewolf.

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