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William and the Werewolf

(William of Palerne)

Following on from Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and King Arthur's Death, I have been commissioned by Unbound, the publishers, to translate William and the Werewolf (also known as William of Palerne).

A mediaeval adventure romance

William and the Werewolf is a fourteenth century poem based on an earlier French romance of c.1200, Guillaume de Palerne. It tells the parallel stories of two princes, both deprived of their inheritance. One, Alphonse, is turned into a werewolf by his jealous stepmother; the other, William, is on the verge of being killed by agents of his wicked uncle, when he is rescued by the werewolf (Alphonse).


The poem follows both princes as they overcome the hurdles in their way to become the rightful princes of their own lands; in William's case, he also meets the headstrong princess Melior along the way and it is their relationship which gives this fourteenth century telling its appeal. 

Packed with period charm and humour, the poem reveals contemporary attitudes to inheritance, a woman's right to choose, the stupidity of men, cultural and courtly etiquette and much more. This is a delightful poem which everyone will enjoy!

As well as my translation, I have illustrated the book throughout with copious linocut images and illustrations, returning to the gentle comic imagery of my first translation, Gawain.

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Summary of Contents:

Historical Introduction

A Summary of the Poem

A Note on the Translation

The translation of William and the Werewolf



Some Further Reading

About the publisher

Unbound is a crowdfunding publisher, with authors including the BBC presenter Jonathan Meades, the film director Mike Hodges (Get Carter, Flash Gordon) and the Sunday Times best-selling author, Tom Cox, amongst many others.

William and Werewolf by Michael Smith

Above - William and the Werewolf.

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Sir Gawain and the Green Knight -(above, also by Michael Smith); William and the Werewolf will be similarly bound and produced. Pledge for your copy here