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My work is inspired by the stories of King Arthur, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, the Round Table, British history and mythology. But no man is an island unto himself.In my work, other artists also act as a great source of encouragement. On this page, I have provided a number of links to other sites which I hope, too, will inspire you.

Anna Pye, printmaker

Anna and I studied together at the Curwen Print Study Centre. She produces some wonderful prints and other gift items such as handmade books and fabrics featuring her designs. www.annapye.com

BBC Film - Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

Northern poet Simon Armitage produced a celebrated translation of the Pearl Poet's epic and went on to produce this excellent documentary in search of the language and locations of the poem. View video.

Curwen Print Study Centre

The Curwen Print Study Centre is an excellent resource for student and professional print-makers in all disciplines including relief printing, etching, screen printing and drypoint to name but four! The team there is excellent and their courses are superb. View here

Kate Heiss, printmaker

Kate is an exceptional talent and who has considerable experience not only in printmaking but also fabric design. View Kate's work featuring fauna and flora of Britain, plus a range of abstract images using linocut and screen printing here.

Vision of Britain, documentary sources

This is a fascinating site and includes a wonderful selection of travel writing from luminaries such as Geraldus Cambrensis and Daniel Defoe. You could spend a happy few hours on this website alone! View here

Agincourt600 - celebrating Agincourt, 1415

Agincourt600 is the officially-recognised site of the 600th anniversary celebrations surrounding the Battle of Agincourt on 25th October 1415. 2015 sees a host of events celebrating the build up to the battle, the battle itself and its aftermath. Find out more

Churches Conservation Trust

The Churches Conservation Trust is the national chanrity protecting historic churches at risk. It has saved over 345 buildings which attract almost 2 million visitors a year. Its unique collection of English parish churches includes irreplaceable examples of architecture, archaeology and art from 1,000 years of history. Find out more

Debbie Cannon - Green Knight

During the writing and fundraising for my own translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, I've been delighted to make contact with Debbie Cannon. Debbie is an actor, voice artist and writer, who also holds a DPhil in Mediaeval Studies from the University of York.  In August 2017, she wrote and appeared in her own production of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight at the Edinburgh Festival. Find out more.

Debbie Cannon - performance of Sir Gawain

Debbie Cannon, mentioned above, has produced this delightful four-fitt video based on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. It really captures the essence of the poem and is solidly based on the story, right down to key nuances. A Wonderful performance - enjoy each of her 10 minute films beginning with Fitt 1 of the poem here.

Sue Jones - Stoneman Press

I studied under Sue Jones at the Curwen Print Study Centre. Sue now runs her own print studio with printmaking classes. She is an extremely skilled and experienced tutor; you could not wish for anyone better to help you not only learn to make beautiful prints but also give you the freedom to explore the limits of your own expression. I cannot recommend Sue highly enough. Book today on one of her courses here

Medieval Magazine

Mythical Britain is pleased to partner with Medieval Magazine, a new publication curating articles in themes which span the entire Middle Ages. For 2019, the magazine features a rich tapestry of subjects as varied as Fashion, the Crusades, Plague and Medieval Communities. Learn more and subscribe here

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Original linocut prints, books  and greetings cards featuring a range of mediaeval themes including: the Battle of Agincourt; Sir Gawain and the Green Knight; King Arthur;;Stonehenge; Viking art; Saxon art; the Sutton Hoo helmet; medieval animals; castles; medieval myths and legends; historic monuments and so much more!

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