A lifetime's study of British history and myth, including King Arthur and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight...

My name is Michael Smith; I am an author, translator and printmaker. Mythical Britain is a showcase for my work.

On this site you can buy original linocut prints or greetings cards featuring my designs. You can also purchase copies of my new, illustrated translation of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (Unbound, 2018), pre-order copies of my translation of the Alliterative Morte Arthure (King Arthur's Death). I am currently crowdfunding my third illustrated translation, the first in many years of William of Palerne (William and the Werewolf). You can support the book here (and have your name printed in the back as a patron).


A bit about me…

I read history at the University of York and later studied there for my Masters in Mediaeval Literatures and Languages, where my specialism focused on ​Middle English and Old French romances.

I have also studied as a printmaker at the Curwen Print Study Centre at Linton, near Cambridge, UK, where I was subsequently awarded CPSC certification levels 1 and 2 by Stanley Jones MBE and Chloe Cheese in 2011 and 2012. You can find out more about the print-making process elsewhere on this site.


A bit about my interests...

My particular area of interest is in mediaeval history, Middle English poetry and, in particular, the alliterative revival of the fourteenth century. Some of my work has led me to study prehistoric monuments and landscapes too.


And a bit about Britain...

Britain to my mind is a wonderful land, embracing cultures, languages, literature and art from around the world. In this melting pot has emerged a strange race of people, the modern-day Britons, who have made this island their home.


Of course, the land has its conflicts, but out of these comes a joyous celebration of difference and unity in one curious blend.


Once, when I was resting in the golden light of a Herefordshire evening at Kilpeck, a woman walked towards me across a hazy field.


"It doesn't get much better than this", I said to her, as I relaxed in the shadow of that Norman church and castle.


"It does if you live in Wales", she replied in a lilting accent fresh from the hills.


This is Mythical Britain. Welcome to my world!

Michael Smith using the Albion printing press