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How are prints packaged?


I package each original linocut print in a stout tube for posting. Each print is packaged with tissue paper film to protect the image during rolling. Some customers prefer their prints to be packaged flat; this can be done although extra time and cost is involved. If you would prefer your print to be packaged in this way, please contact me to request a quotation.


What is the difference between an orginal linocut print and a giclee print?


IPeople often ask this question. An original linocut print is produced by hand on a printing press and using inked-up blocks created by the artist. Every linocut must be signed and given an edition number by the artist.


A giclee print is a very high quality digital print produced using publisher-quality scanning processes and printed mechanically onto fine quality artist-grade paper for display. Giclee prints are usually signed and given an edition number by the artist but, because they are produced by scanning an original linocut print, they are significantly cheaper than an original linocut print.

​Secure Ordering & Payment Options


My site has secure ordering and payment processes which encrypt payment details at source so that all transactions are dealt with via the banks alone. The only information passed to me is that confiming that the order has taken place and funds deposited to Mythical Britain.

Returns & Refunds


I offer a full money-back returns policy on my cards within sevne days. Original prints are supplied insured via post and, should they need to be returned, the customer is asked to insure return postage and to confirm that the prints were returned in excellent resaleable condition. Obviously, signed and dedicated books cannot be returned.


Privacy Policy


I take the privacy of my customers very seriously indeed and will only use customer data to fulfil an order and to keep them informed of new prints and cards from my range, I will never sell or distribute lists of customers or their contact details to anyone else. 


Image showing two framed prints of mediaeval subjects by Michael Smith of Mythical Britain

What are the prints made from?


All my linocut prints are made on high quality artist-grade Somerset Velvet paper and employ professional artist quality oil-based inks. Oil-based inks last almost for ever, resulting in an enduring finish to create a lifetime of enjoyment of the print - and beyond! Oil based inks also give a more uniform and predictable finish to the print.


Water-based inks, which some printmakers use to facilitate speed in drying, will produce a long-lasting finish but will be less enduring than an oil-based piece. Water-based inks are also prone to offering a less uniform colour finish and create more "bobbling" in the surface texture,

Framing prints


Frames are a matter of personal choice. When I exhibit my prints (examples left were shown at an exhibition in Hertford in 2014), I like to frame in bold, contemporary frames which are neutral and will suit most homes.


Most customers prefer to order the original print and then frame the work in a style which suits them, However, I work with a couple of reputable framers and can provide a complete framed print service as required. Costs will vary according to the size and style of the frame chosen.




Original prints are produced in limited numbers; my runs vary between 5 and 20. Giclee prints are produced in much larger numbers, with popular images often being in an edition of 100 - 150.


What is an edition?


An edition of an original print is decided by the printmaker. A true "edition" is where each print is the same as the next which is an incredibly difficult thing to achieve - explaining why edition numbers are so low. An allowance is made for small differences between each print. 


A "variable edition" is an edition of prints which are technically similar but where variations between each print are more noticeable. An advantage in choosing from a variable edition is that a customer may select the "mood" of a print which best suits their taste.

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